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New Year’s tour in the “HIGINA SPA”

New Year’s holidays are filled with a unique atmosphere of fairy tales, new hopes and beginnings. Villa “Higina Spa” offers a New Year’s tour to Truskavets.

New Year’s Eve in the “HIGINA SPA”

2019 is the year of an yellow pig, according to tradition this New Year’s Eve is better celebrated in a big company of friends and relatives. The brighter and more cheerful you will see the New Year, the better it will be for you!

1 Day Tours from Truskavets

To visit Truskavets and not to visit the legendary sights that are a few hours away from the city means the same ad not to get all the possible pleasures from the vacation. “Higina Spa” offers you not only a paradise vacation and complete relaxation, but also interesting one-day tours outside Truskavets.

Pieces of advice from our cosmetologists on face care.

The most important thing for us is your beauty. That’s why we want to give you some tips and hope they will help you to keep your youth.

Cheap vacation in the Carpathian

Villa “Higina SPA” is located in Truskavets, a town that has long been famous for its curing mineral waters, beautiful nature and clean environment. There are more than ten sanatoriums here, each of which has its own particularities.

Treatment with water in Truskavets

Truskavets has been providing people with curing water from mineral springs for almost 2 centuries. It stands in line with such European well-known mineral resorts, like Wiesbaden and Bad Reichenhalll.

Balneological and mud cure resorts in Truskavets

Truskavets is a popular balneological resort, which fame long ago spread far beyond the borders of the country. The concept of balneotherapy means treatment with water, which is bathing as well

Corporate holidays in Truskavets

Good communication among the team members, team formation, and the minimization of internal conflicts is now most acute topic for managers, especially of large companies. One of the best options for working climate improvement is non-related-to-work activities and, of course, collaborative holiday.

Rest and treatment

A trip to the waters has always been a privilege of the upper classes of the population. Fortunately, these days everyone can afford this luxury. Ukrainian resorts stand in line with famous European balneological resorts. The pearl of water therapy of the post-Soviet space is the resort paradise – Truskavets.

Classic massage in Higina SPA

The art of massage was known long before our era. Hippocrates actively practiced this procedure to relax and strain the tissues. Today it is actively used for medical and preventive purposes all over the world.

Facial peeling in Higina Spa

Facial peeling is a cosmetology procedure, during which dead cells are removed on the surface of the skin. Thus, cell regeneration occurs, a new skin layer is formed, wrinkles are being smoothed. It is recommended to take this procedure periodically.

Detoxification and vitaminization of face

Skin of the face is the least protected organ of a person, which is regularly affected by various aggressive environmental factors. Harmful habits, poor-quality food, alcohol – all these leads to storage of toxins and exhaustion of the body’s defenses.

Summer Vacation in the Carpathians

Summer is a time of holidays and vacations, a carefree time of rest and relaxation away from the urban jungle. At this time of year you always find a need to be closer to the clean, refreshing water, breathe the air that is not polluted, relieve stress and gain strength for a whole year.

Family rest in Carpathian

For many parents a trip with children is a wonderful opportunity to spend more time with them, to show them the world and teach them something new, to rally the family together. With no doubt, traveling with the whole family is brilliant, but it also has some peculiarities and nuances.

Biking for weight loss

The popularity of bicycles worldwide is growing day by day. Who does not use it: postal services, police, ambulance, athletes and even presidents and mayors of cities.

Wrappings for weight loss in Higina Spa

Nowadays wrappings for weight loss are very popular among customers of all ages, such popularity is due to the affordability of sessions, high results after their conduction and unforgettable pleasant feelings.

Dolphinarium in Truskavets

Truskavets is the best balneological resort in Lviv region and can boast about own dolphinarium, which became one of the unique attractions of this cozy, ecologically clean town.

History and sights of Truskavets

The first written reminiscence of Truskavets dates back to 1469. The name “Truskavets” has several variants of its origin, but only two are confirmed by science:

Active leisure and tourism in Truskavets

Mountain peaks, which are white in winter, green in spring and summer and golden brown in spring – is a picture worth of perpetuating on canvases and pages of literary masterpieces. For citizens of Truskavets is a typical view from the windows of their houses, offices, streets.

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