Photos and videos of our hotel

Galeria Spa Huts to mała wycieczka krajoznawcza dla Ciebie, naszych przyszłych gości! Tutaj zebraliśmy zdjęcia i filmy z wszystkich miejsc w sanatorium, które mogą Cię zainteresować.

By glancing over the photos in the gallery, you can clearly imagine every corner of the territory and every room of the Higina Spa.

The video will let you hear the pleasant noise of the leaves, the gentle singing of birds, the murmur of the brook and imaginary move to this wonderful place.

Higina SPA Video

Exotic and very beautiful place in Ukraine – villa Higina Spa – opens the door and invites you to have a luxury rest!

Villa Higina Spa in the resort of Truskavets is a paradise island with excellent service, where, by being isolated from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, you will get your body and soul a real peace and pacification.

Photo of Higina SPA Hotel in Truskavets