Treatment with water in Truskavets

Truskavets has been providing people with curing water from mineral springs for almost 2 centuries. It stands in line with such European well-known mineral resorts, like Wiesbaden and Bad Reichenhalll.

Truskavets waters contain many useful elements and minerals, which make them unique and famous throughout the world.

As a result of passing through the mountain layers and rocks, crystal clear water from the basin of the Carpathian Mountains appears. In such a way its enrichment with microelements and medicinal substances occurs. The period of “maturation” is approximately ten years, and only after that time it is ready to come to the surface of the earth.

Healing properties of mineral waters

Properties of the mineral waters of Truskavets allow to normalize the pathometabolism, the musculoskeletal system and improve general health. Hundreds of thousands of people have improved their health due to the healing effect of mineral waters, the high competence of the staff and the amazing nature.

Truskavets and its environs are considered to be the most ecologically clean zone of Ukraine.Types of mineral waters of TruskavetsThe most famous mineral water in Truskavets is Naftusia. It is rich not only with microelements, but also with microorganisms – a useful flora for the human body. In general this place has twenty-five sources with different waters. The most famous among them are Sofia, Maria and Bronislava. The first contains iron, soda, has no smell and is distinguished with a salty and slightly bitter taste. It helps to normalize digestion, and also helps to cure rickets, scrofula and blood diseases.

Balneological procedures in the villa “Higina SPA”

“Higina Spa” – a modern facility, which has everything you need for an excellent vacation. A wide range of balneological procedures are offered to our guests:

hydro massage;Charcot’s doucheMineral bath;Thalasso therapy;Different types of wrappings.Presence of spa treatments at the hotelmakes it stand out from other Truskavets sanatoriums

Comfortable rooms of different capacity, pleasing cost and comfort levels, pleasant quiet music, cinema and several swimming pools – that’s what a metropolitan resident needs in order to forget about problems and truly relax. “Higina SPA” is a place that adults and children are in love with!