Manicure in Higina SPA

Nowadays many professionals in this field are ready to help you to transform your fingers, that`s why exquisite manicure and pedicure became available to any person, and the process itself turned into a relaxing procedure.




40 min.120 uah.

Manicure male

40 min.130 uah.

Manicure for children

20 min.80 uah.

Unedged manicure

50 min.100 uah.

Manicure biogel

70 min.320 uah.

French manicure

60 min.190 uah.

Hardware manicure (female)

60 min.180 uah.

Hand paraffin treatment

30 min.120 uah.

Hand care “Express sauna”

30 min.140 uah.


Pedicure (children)

40 min.100 uah.

Hardware pedicure (female)

70 min.270 uah.

Hardware pedicure (male)

70 min.300 uah.

Foot paraffin treatment

30 min.140 uah.

Foot care “Express sauna”

30 min.160 uah.

Gels / Coatings

Coatings with ORLY gel FX based on vitamins (for hands)

70 min.260 uah.

Coatings with ORLY gel FX (for legs)

100 min.250 uah.

Coatings with ORLY gel FX based on vitamins

40 min.170 uah.

ORLY gel FX removal

25 min.50 uah.

F.O.X bio gel pedicure

100 min.320 uah.