Especially for you, we have developed a nutrition system, which is carried out in two types, because proper nutrition is the proper rest!

Complex menu

Nutrition under this menu type has a fixed price:

The cost of breakfast is 100 UAH.

Lunch – 120 UAH.

Supper – 90 UAH.

Nutrition under this menu type for children under 12 years price:

The cost of breakfast is 65 UAH.

Lunch – 70 UAH.

Supper – 50 UAH.

Restaurant menu.

Breakfast is from 9 am to 11 am

Meals under this type of menu gives you the opportunity to choose any dish you like for the price indicated in the menu.

Oatmeal with caramelized apple(250 g.)30 uah.
Oatmeal with banana, honey and feta cheese(250 g.)35 uah.
Buckwheat with milk(300 g.)20 uah.
Semolina with milk(250 g.)20 uah.
Breakfast “Gourmet” (salted curd fritters, salmon Carpaccio, vegetable salad, sour cream. . .70 uah.
Omelet with bacon and vegetables(200 g.)30 uah.
Scrambled eggs with vegetables and cheese(190 g.)32 uah.

Appetizers and Salads




Herring with marinated onions and potatoes(150 g.)50 uah.
Subcarpathia farmers` cheese (4 types of cheese, honey, mint walnut)(260 g.)120 uah.
Pickles(280 g.)52 uah.
Map of lard (4 types of lard, garlic, cherry tomato, garlic toasts)(290 g.)105 uah.
Octopus Carpaccio with sun dried tomato sauce(170 g.)150 uah.
Salmon Carpaccio(170 g.)160 uah.


Beet salad with homemade brynza(225 g.)48 uah.


Salads (for all tastes)


Salad with baked vegetables and veal(300 g)144 uah.
Salad with chicken, mix of salads and Parmesan cheese(180 g.)82 uah.
Salad with salmon, capers, lettuce and quail’s eggs(255 g.)109 uah.
Vegetable salad with feta cheese(280 g.)55 uah.
Scallops salad with honey mustard sauce(220 g.)150 uah.

First courses


First courses


Red borshch with ribs(300 g.)65 uah.
Vegetable cream soup(270 g.)40 uah.
Ukrainian meatless borshch with ceps and beans(300 g.)52 uah.
Fish soup(300 g.)55 uah.
Mushroom soup with chanterelles and ceps(300 g.)70 uah.
Okroshka (cold soup made of kvass, meat and vegetables)(300 g.)50 uah.
Quail broth(300 g.)55 uah.
Vegetable cream soup(270 g.)45 uah.

Second courses and garnish




pasta Carbonara(290 g.)90 uah.
Shrimp pasta(300 g.)95 uah.
Creamy salmon and basil pasta(300 g.)110 uah.



Second courses


Home-made pelmeni(200 g.)52 uah.
Vareniki with curd and sour cream(200 g.)50 uah.
Vareniki with cabbage and sour cream(200 g.)48 uah.
Vareniki with potatoes, mushrooms and sour cream(200 g.)50 uah.
Traditional deruny with baked ceps and sour cream(280 g.)57 uah.
Beef ragout with cheese(370 g.)80 uah.

Meat and fish dishes


Meat dishes


Beef tongue in sour cream with ceps(220 g.)90 uah.
Chanakhi(360 g.)50 uah.
Home-made cabbage rolls with meat(290 g.)67 uah.
Goose leg with stewed pear and berry sauce(~250 g.)200 uah.
Foie gras with caramelized fruits(170 g.)204 uah.
Chicken steak with mashed potatoes(270 g.)63 uah.



Fish Dishes


Mackerel with mushrooms and cheese(290 g.)100 uah.
Trout with vegetables(per 100 g.)90 uah.
Sea bass with stewed vegetables(340 g.)240 uah.





Tiramisu(170 g.)55 uah.
Date dessert(160 g.)45 uah.
Mint Cheese Cake(150 g.)30 uah.
Chocolate fondant with ice cream(220 g.)65 uah.
Syrniki with sour cream(140 g.)38 uah.
Cherry Strudel(200 g.)55 uah
Apple Strudel(200 g)45 uah.
Chocolate croissant. . .25 uah.
Ice-cream with chocolate(170 g.)30 uah.



Calamari rings. . .35 uah.
Calamari. . .35 uah.
Tuna. . .35 uah.
Croutons. . .15 uah.
Chips “Macho”. . .30 uah.



Sandwich with salmon (French fries, ketchup)330 g.97 uah.
Sandwich with beef (French fries, ketchup)330 g.70 uah.
Club-sandwich with chicken (French fries, ketchup)330 g.60 uah.


Lunch box

White bread toasts with butter, chicken, tomato. Black bread toasts with butter, cheese, cucumber, apple, water “Truskavetskaia” 1,5L. . .85 uah.



Milk(200 g.)12 uah.
Lemon slice(1piece.)3 uah.
Bread(1piece.)2 uah.
Toast bread1piece.2 uah.
Throw-away crockery. . .10 uah.
Sour cream(50 g.)10 uah.
Ketchup(50 g.)10 uah.
Honey(50 g.)15 uah.




Carcade(250 ml.)10 uah.
Rose hip(250 ml.)10 uah.
Uzvar(250 ml.)10 uah.

Freshly squeezed juices

Squeezed juices
Orange(per 100 ml.)25 uah.
Grapefruit(per 100 ml.)25 uah.
Lemon(per 100 ml.)28 ml.
Apple(per 100 ml.)15 uah.
Carrot(per 100 ml.)15 uah.
Kiwi(per 100 ml.)28 uah.
Celery(per 100 ml.)25 uah.
Cucumber(per 100 ml.)25 uah.
Tomato(per 100 ml.)25 uah.

Tonic beverage

Tonic beverage

Hot ginger tea(250 ml.)38 uah.
Cold ginger tea(250 ml.)30 uah.
Melissa and fresh mint tea(250 ml.)30 uah.
Carpathian tea(250 ml.)30 uah.



Espresso. . .20 uah.
Americano. . .20 uah.
Coffee with milk. . .25 uah.
Cappuccino. . .25 uah.
Latte. . .30 uah.
Italian аffogato. . .55 uah.
Irish. . .60 uah.
Espresso con panna. . .30 uah.
Honey raf. . .30 uah.
Mint latte. . .30 uah.
Decaf coffee. . .25 uah.

Tea assortment

Althause tea assortment

Zhu-Cha (green)(250 ml.)30 uah.
Jasmine Ting Yuan (green)(250 ml.)30 uah.
Earl Gray (black)(250 ml.)30 uah.
Assam Meleng (black)(250 ml.)30 uah.
Wellness Cap (herbal)(250 ml.)30 uah.
Palm Beach (Fruit)(250 ml.)30 uah.

Diet menu

Diet menu

Spinach cream soup (300 gr.) 50.00 uah.

Cream of pumpkin soup with tiger prawns (330 gr.) 130.00 uah.

Cucumber salad, chicken with lemon dressing (220 gr.) 60.00 uah.

Vegetable salad with apple and celery (170 gr.) 50.00 uah.

Cabbage and fresh vegetable salad (150 gr.) 45.00 uah.

Carrot and apple salad (150 gr.) 40.00 uah.

Oatmeal with broccoli and Parmesan cheese (300 gr.) 55.00 uah.

Stewed vegetables with beef (350 gr.) 150.00 uah.

Dorado with vegetables in a creamy sauce (390 gr.) 185.00 uah.

Fish steam cutlets (100/100 gr.) 110.00 uah.

Steam turkey cutlets (100/150 gr.) 90.00 uah.

Turkey meatballs (100/150/50 gr.) 80.00 uah.

Sauteed with chicken (300 gr.) 100.00 uah.