Roman bath

Traditional Roman sauna is a real pearl, the basis of its philosophy is physical and spiritual purification. Thermo therapy increases the body’s defenses and slows down the aging process.

Under the influence of low temperature and moist steam, the work of the cardiovascular system, the capillary network improves, the muscle tone decreases, the pores open, and the body detoxifies actively.

The benefits of the Roman sauna Roman sauna is recommended for chronic respiratory diseases, various colds and osteochondrosis. The temperature regime in the sauna is not as hot as in ordinary baths and is excellent for people who do not tolerate high temperatures.

Сleanses the body of toxins and harmful substances, cleanses the skin, opens the pores, removes fatigue, stabilizes the body’s cleansing system, stabilizes the breathing system, reduces pain, treats a cold, insomnia, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system.