Massage in Higina SPA

The warmth and strength of our masters’ hands will help you regain your strength, get rid of muscle and joint pain with the help of classical massage technique.


Manual (back/legs)

40 min.260 uah.

Manual and cervical-collar zone

50 min.280 uah.

Manual (back, legs, arms)

60 min.320 uah.

For children

30 min.120 uah.

Back massage (for children)

15 min.80 uah.

Massage Stone

60 min.400 uah.

Spanish massage

60 min.400 uah.

Honey back massage

30 min.180 uah.

Honey massage (hips and buttocks)

30 min.180 uah.

Anti-cellulite massage

30 min.220uah.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (legs)

30 min.180uah.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (back, stomach, arms, legs)

60 min.350 uah.

Massage (back/arms)

20 min.150 uah.

Massage (back and collar zone)

30 min.200 uah.

Massage (collar zone)

10 min.80 uah.

Head massage

10 min.100 uah.

Leg massage

20 min.150 uah.

Foot massage

20 min.100 uah.

Vacuum roller massage / back

20 min.150 uah.

Vacuum roller massage / legs

20 uah.150 uah.

Vacuum roller massage / stomach

15 min.150 uah.

BABOR massage

Aroma massage “Spa-shaping”

60 min.400 uah.

Massage Lift

60 min.500 uah.

Aroma massage “Balance”

60 min.400 uah.

For children

60 min.uah.

Aroma massage “Energy”

60 min.400 uah.

Relax massage recovery

60 min.550 uah.

Massage with rosemary

60 min.550 uah.

Massage candle magic

60min.640 uah.

Massage with sage

60 min.550 uah.

Massage with balm

60 min.550 uah.